Justyna Gebala
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Justyna Gebala

Director of Operations

Justyna Gebala is the Director of Operations at Fintech Digital. She is a multi-lingual professional with more than seven years of prioritizing and leadership roles. Having worked in both the agency and corporate worlds, she has learned to connect the dots between founders, corporates, start-ups, and the internal team. Under her guidance, departments work together in a smooth, streamlined work environment. She is detail-oriented and always looks to the future. 

Prior to Fintech Digital, Justyna had served in similar roles at McDonald’s Corporation and Coordinated Systems Consulting, Inc. She holds a BA and a BS from DePaul University. Although she sits at a computer all day, she is passionate about disconnecting from the virtual world. Her favorite way to do so involves spending time with family outdoors.

Justyna is a Chicago native, and loves to immerse herself in the melting pot of cultures the city provides. She enjoys painting or playing her piano in her free time.

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