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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is often an essential part of any digital marketing strategy.  From organic management to paid advertising and community management, our team is well versed in working with financial brands in a regulated environment.

Social Media Marketing for Fintech & Financial Service Brands

Social media is an essential component of fintech and financial brand marketing campaigns. Used correctly, social media can be the quickest way to build your brand, create authority in your space, and share your brand’s mission and message. Our team has created campaigns for neobanks, remittances, national banks, crypto and blockchain, and everything in between.

Organic Social Media Management

We begin with a thorough review of your brand to ensure that this essential marketing channel aligns with the rest of your marketing strategy. Then after understanding your audience, mission, goals and other essential elements, we create content that deeply resonates with your target audience. Our team works with yours to define the ideal cadence of organic content to post to support and grow your brand. Then we sync with your team or provide support to ensure your social media channels stay active, relevant, and a valuable channel for your brand marketing efforts.

Paid Social Media Advertising

Paid social advertising can be a valuable tool for expanding your reach, driving social engagement, and driving customer action. Our paid campaigns are designed around precisely defined KPI’s that align with your financial brand strategy and growth objectives. Our primary paid advertising channels for financial brands are Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and Linkedin. Whether your objectives are to acquire new customers, gain awareness for a product launch, or engage and retain existing customers, we design paid media programs around your goals and budget.

Social Media Community Management

We ensure that your social media community is being heard and actively listened to through our social media community management programs. We use modern tools and technologies to monitor, interact with, and grow your digital community. With new product launches, its important to also monitor your digital presence using social listening for reviews and other elements that relate to your brand’s reputation. Our team is here to sync with yours to make sure that your customers are being heard, and receiving service and attention to create brand ambassadors and long-term relationships.

Social Analytics & Measurement

We identify social media marketing program success measures upfront as part of our strategy. KPI’s are selected based on your brand and growth goals. Through robust reporting and analytics we determine what content is working best so we can continue to improve and grow your financial brand through social media channels. We never stop testing, optimizing, and applying different and new approaches to our messaging and delivery to drive brand awareness and growth.