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Content Marketing

Your business goals and marketing objectives are the foundation from which our financial content marketing programs are built. We are experts in strategic, integrated, and effective b2b and b2c content marketing. Not only content creation. Our agency doesn’t just produce things. Our writers use an orchestrated programmatic approach that efficiently delivers results.

Creative Content Marketing for Fintech & Financial Service Brands

Sure, our agency creates amazing fintech content. Engaging, effective content that educates and/or entertains your target audience and drives them to action. And we do more than that. We create strategic, cross-channel, integrated content marketing programs that deliver results. We achieve this by efficiently reaching your current or potential user personas and customers wherever they are and whenever they are looking for answers, information, or solutions online.

Content Marketing Strategy

Our agency’s digital content marketing strategy begins with our deep understanding of your business objectives and marketing goals. Whether you are looking to drive organic traffic from SEO, become a thought leader, launch a fintech or financial product, support digital advertising, provide advice/guidance and answer questions for your target audience, and/or anything else, we can help. An integrated and orchestrated approach to financial service content marketing is what delivers results.  We identify goals and KPIs, profile your audience, develop ownable themes and pillars based on keywords, SEO, and other research, identify topics, media types, digital channels and create an editorial calendar and customer journey that will be used to manage and drive the content program forward.

Creative Content Creation

Whether it’s an article, video, podcast, infographic, quiz, immersive digital experience, or any other content piece, a regimented development and review process is in place to ensure consistent quality and cost efficient content.  Our in-house editorial and design team and network of b2b and b2c subject matter experts create and tell stories that educate, entertain, and drive action. We’ll make sure that each topic is covered in the optimal way through the appropriate digital media including a core piece as well as companion pieces appropriate for use in distribution through additional marketing channels.

Content Distribution

We ensure that the right topic and media type are used for each channel. We ensure that content is easily found when and where the audience wants it by using your channels to their maximum potential. We leverage your website resource center, email, social media, paid media, sales team outreach, or any other channel or opportunity where your audience looks for information and answers.

Content Measurement

We identify content marketing program success measures up front as part of our overall digital strategy and select KPIs for both the overall program and individual tactics that together provide a robust view of success and areas for improvement. We continually test, measure, evaluate, and refine our approaches to ensure optimization of the messaging. We deliver results.