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Maintaining a Consistent Fintech Brand Identity & Messaging

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Consistency is often considered to be one of the most important aspects of fintech brand identity. Consistency is the factor that ties in every aspect of proper fintech branding, from authenticity to trust to transparency. When a fintech company’s brand is consistent in their mission statement, company values, and overall brand messaging, financial professionals and consumers can trust that whatever the financial organization says, does, or puts out into public media content channels is trustworthy and reliable. This also can lead to the growth of audience engagement, reach, and company expansion into broader financial markets. Without consistency, individuals and potential clients have no clear picture of what the company truly does or stands for. The identity of the brand is cloudy, which is not good for business. 

Authenticity and consistency drive fintech branding from one media channel to the next. Consumers are highly-tuned to inaccuracies in branding; it’s human nature to spot patterns and lack of patterns in media and data. In the area of finance, individuals are highly aware of various financial products and services through their own due diligence and research and are able to assess and detect company strengths, weaknesses, and faults. This makes consumers highly capable of locating suspicious brand behavior from a fintech that speaks or acts in an erratic manner. By inherently always retaining preconceived or biased suspicions built into the consciousness of the consumer, one major gaffe in judgment can destroy or severely damage a company’s reputation, especially in an industry as competitive as fintech. Destroying trust is much easier than building it back up, so fintech companies must be extremely cautious to avoid such mistakes.

Consistent Voice

In order for a fintech brand to build consistency and credibility, it must have a consistent tone of voice across its content. Different clients might want different financial services or products; however, every fintech startup has its own target demographic they are attempting to reach. Using the proper vernacular for the group a company is attempting to reach is just as important as considering other factors such as age, geographical location, interests, gender, and other aspirations. Consistency in terms of tone of voice can allow individuals to recognize the brand in the same way one could recognize the voice and manner of speech of a friend or family member. Tone of voice is often considered a balancing act of aiming to communicate to consumers in a way that stays true to the fintech brand while also resonating with the target audience. While challenging, this is an important and vital part of fintech branding.

Consistent Content

Consistent content is another way to build brand recognition and loyalty, by providing authentic, valuable, and relevant information to the target audience. Through consistent content, a fintech brand can connect with its audience, making it seem as though they are just posting relevant information and financial advice without directly advertising its brand or looking for customers. This level of indirect marketing should be authentic, accurate, and unique from one’s competition to stand out from other fintechs competing for the same target audience in the same space. By having an informational tone of voice, a company can stand out and be more relatable to its audience. Instead of portraying its brand image as a financial corporation, a fintech can establish a human-type voice, similar to a financial influencer on social media. 

Trustworthy and Error-free Content

Reviewing all content before it is posted on the company website is also important in order to prevent releasing any curated content with fallacies and mistakes. Cross-referencing content with other content posted from other reliable and verified financial sources, as well as having financial experts in the fintech space review and authenticate the drafted information, is important to build a trustworthy, transparent, and consistent brand. Sharing trustworthy content is a reflection of the integrity and authenticity of one’s fintech brand. The extra step of verifying information can take time but is a safeguard to protect the company’s reputation and image. 

Consistent Social Media Posting

Posting consistently on social media sites at the same time each day is also important to build a consistent identity for one’s fintech brand. Scattered posting can be seen as lackluster and a lack of effort from the perspective of the consumer. Finding a good balance of posting timelines, consistency and quantity of posts, and quality and length of content within posts, is just as important as developing an authentic and consistent brand image. Marketing experts often recommend posting at least once daily to keep brand recognition at the forefront of the industry and in front of the consumer.  Keeping up with brand presence every day is vital to retain the attention and social media control in the fintech sector.

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